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04 Stealth Widebody Pavement car, exact Beast copy, never hurt , very limited track time,  fresh : April 2012 frame up build, ,chassis excellent condition fresh gloss black powder coating, low time Focus engine,  new MPD drive train, drive shaft, torque tube, universal, input shaft, input shaft bearing, engine bushing, clutch / disc replaced, new motor plate, Red Devil front brakes, Red Devil rear brakes, 2 - brake bias adjustable, new gauges, all aluminum polished, header polished, Penski shocks, Winters 36 spline, 3:78, 51-2 pavement rear end, Revcon pavement arms and bar, KSE 1/2 box rt hand , 

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price $14,500 with some spares

more pics coming with all carbon fiber body

Beast Combo Pavement components 

Wilwood brake front end  Red Devil SOLD

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All Beast Pavement/Dirt combo components for combo car for pavement,used for Ford Focus ,
complete pavement front end, Red Devil brakes and rotors,  brakes, rotors, hubs spindles. arms, tie rod, 
4 - FRESH ARS pavement shocks adjustable,
new rear sway bar and cutout,
4 front springs and 4 rear bars fresh,
pavement 31/36 spline wheels and 6 pin fronts available excellent condition,call for price,
pics available if interested,
714 968-5916



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Telephone 714 968-5916
FAX           714 968-5916
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18686 Spruce Circle, Fountain Valley, Ca. 92708



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